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The Christian Call in a Consumer Culture

Our culture celebrates the virtue of “choice.” On the one hand, this emphasizes human freedom and responsibility. On the other, it can easily lead to an empty consumerist mentality. The Christian notion of vocation—the idea that our lives are to be lived as a response to a call from God—offers another way forward.

The Theology of Vocation: Then and Now

How have we as a church talked about God’s call? How have we understood vocation? Over the centuries, vocation became reserved to a special few. The ordained and religious “had a vocation.” With Vatican II’s affirmation of the universal call to holiness, we have come to embrace a broader and more biblical vision for the church today.

The Diversity of Vocations in the Church and in the World

The one call to follow Christ takes shape in a diversity of vocations. Together we form the body of Christ. And together we serve Christ’s mission in the world. What is the role of the laity in serving this mission? What is the role of the clergy?

Many Ministries Serving One Mission

Recent years have seen an explosion of new forms of ministry within the Catholic Church. What are the ways in which volunteers, lay ecclesial ministers, deacons, and priests serve to build up the body of Christ for its mission in the world? What might this mean for the church of Grand Island?

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